Monday, September 13, 2010

Village Burger Bar

What went wrong?

So on the second official Burger Club Dallas outing we ventured to Village Burger Bar in Allen TX, we had another group that meet at their west village location also. The Restaurant was pretty empty for a Sunday night just before a Cowboys game which had me a bit worried. It was clean and the decor was very modern and sleek, but kind of boring. I talked to the manager who seemed to care less about what we are were doing there.

(Attention restaurant owners/ managers/ staff- If someone says they are coming to rate your establishment, they may be full of crap or they could be from a major publication, either way you should put your best foot forward regardless!)

Okay, stepping down from my soap box now. Lets move on to the Burgers shall we. I ordered the build to suit Burger,medium, with cheddar, some shoe string fries, and a coke. They had a mirco brew root beer on tap (Abita, even though the website states it is Thomas Kemper) I am a huge fan of Root Beer and have sampled some 60+ different styles. So after awhile of talking burgers with some of the other members of the BCD ( see that is what makes this club fun!) I got this Burger

Looks good right? Well looks can be deceiving, other than the pickles which seemed very fresh, the other toppings did not. It could be that the lettuce looked so bad because it was on the bottom of the burger, so it was instantly wilted from the heat of the patty.  The toasted bun was nice though it did not hold up to the burger very well. Cheese was melted on the patty well. So I take a bite of the burger and find that it is very bland and not very juicy. There is not a very good sear on the patty so the crust is defiantly lacking. I am in shock, I had heard so many great things about this place, and now I find that I could have gone to Carl's Jr. for a better burger, better service and probably about the same price! I score Village a 5.5 out of  10. SEASON YOUR MEAT PEOPLE! Just some Kosher or  Sea salt and fresh cracked pepper, Lawry's, McCormicks, ANYTHING! My friends and wife gave this place about the same score, but we do not yet have the final Burger Club Dallas Tally. One of my friends could not even finish her burger and she was still hungry! Later that night we all had indigestion, and not just from the COWBOYS loss! So in the end OVERRATED, snooty and pretentious with poor quality product. Sorry Village but that is a fail in my book!


  1. Wow. I had a totally different experience at the West Village location. We were greeted warmly by the staff who explained the menu with a smile. The meat was well-seasoned, and the toppings were fresh. Several people stopped by our table to ask how things were and if they could get us anything else. I think perhaps I'll be staying away from the Allen location.

  2. Thanks for the comment Nuke! Yes, once again the franchise proves less than the original, or maybe it is just a better staff. I would hope that I could go back another time and have a better experience, but there are way too many other great burger places to go in DFW. I will go try the West Village location though on the opinion of several other BCD members and your own!

  3. I read this and I'm surprised also! Similar to what Nuke said, the location in West Village is great and sooo much better than JC's! It's always crowded and the staff is friendly.

  4. Most reviewers prefer to visit anonymously; that way you're getting an untainted and fair experience that anyone can duplicate.

  5. I can see that, but this club is about rating as a group so you kind of need to let people know that you are coming. Also, you would think that people would bring their "A" game if they know they are being rated, but sometimes people don't care what you think, what are you gonna do? Thanks for the comment.