Saturday, August 14, 2010

The adventure begins

"To me, the burger is the perfect sandwich, the perfect meal, one that should never fail to satisfy. But the hamburger is too often over looked and taken for granted." - Chef Bobby Flay

So true are the words of the great Chef Flay, the simple Hamburger has a vast history, who made the first is hard to say. For a detailed history, one can visit this site for more information ( probably more than you would ever want to know.) Hamburger History.

From a very early age I recall loving hamburgers, going out to different places on Sunday after church with my parents became somewhat a family tradition. One establishment in particular stood out, not as much for the burgers as the atmosphere. The Dairyette in Dallas, TX was and still is a wonderful treat, dating back to the 1950's , they serve classic burgers, fries and huge frosted mugs of root beer. Dairyette to see pics/ reviews.  As an adult and a culinary student I have learned to appreciate a simple dish done very well. Most of the best foods in my opinion are simple dishes done very well, the term " peasant food" has been applied to many such dishes, Brisket, Fajitas, even Hamburgers! There is much to be said for a sandwich that serves as a complete meal in and of itself. Bread, meat, cheese, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles all piled high, what more could one ask for?

So at the ripe old age of thirty one I begin my quest for the perfect burger.  Having traveled around a bit and sampled some really great food, I feel that I must start over from home, Dallas, TX more precisely the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex.  The quest was spurned by a conversation(s) via blog with my friend Albert Samuels, who gave a rather dismal review of one of my favorite places, Twisted Root Burger Company. To read this blog and other great articles please go to Twisted Root Review. Okay, so maybe Twisted Root should not have franchised it's restaurant, I said it before and I will say it again, it is not always a good idea to franchise a great restaurant! The folks that love your place may not do it as good as you do.

For this and many other reasons, mainly an excuse to eat some great food, I have formed Burger Club Dallas
, to have some fun with friends (and make new ones) who also share a passion for finding the next great american burger.   We will go out once a month to a different establishment to eat and rate their fare, it will be a simple 1-10 rating system for the burger, with a second rating for the establishment as a whole. Nothing snobby, no nit picking, just an unbiased review of  what the place has to offer. Scores will be averaged, and absentee ballots will be excepted at any time! This blog will serve as an outlet for these meetings for myself, as well as other adventures to far off places and the Burger experiences there, like last summer at Wimpy's in South Africa!

So if you love burgers, regardless of where you live, come along for the ride, it should be fun, and Chef Flay if you are reading this, I would love to meet you and try one of your burger creations.

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