Sunday, August 15, 2010

Burger Club #1 Kenny's Burger Joint

Kenny Bowers is a good restaurateur. Where to start, from his other previous ventures his fare has been proven, it was proven again tonight at Kenny's Burger Joint in Frisco. From the moment one opens the doors and has the sweet smell of Hickory waft over them in the clean lined  restaurant that  is comfortable and welcoming, to the moment when my burger arrived very promptly and in hot and wonderfully fresh condition, the experience was wonderful. I'll say that the Burger Club was not up to the numbers we had expected, but still the fantastic staff greatly accommodated us even on their busiest night of the week!

We arrived early (in official Burger Club Dallas T-shirts, the first person to comment me on this gets one for free). The restaurant had a table for us even though they don't really do reservations. Soon several other patrons began to ask about Burger Club from my shirt, and I told them to check us out online  (Burger Club Dallas). They in turn told me of an amazing Dallas Burger...Adair's? Hmmm...anyone know about this place? This group raved about it; needless to say Burger Club may look into it.

On to the Burgers, that is what this is all about. Our order was perfect, and in great time. My wife having the bacon cheddar burger, and myself going classic cheeseburger and fries, and we shared and adult shake, called the "Naughty Mommy" .. get your minds out of the gutter it was a cheesecake ice cream and liquor glass of amazing! I also ordered some fries which I will get to later. I took a huge bite, and it was wonderful, all very fresh ingredients from the Ciabatta Bun to the thick patty cooked  perfectly medium and the cheese melted just right. Biting into the succulent burger, juices ran down by chin in meatful bliss. While my own personal rating for the burger stands at 8.5 out of 10, I feel the only thing that could cause this burger to be better would be a bit more crust on the patty; not char, the wood fire imparted just the right flavor, and being juicy it was obviously seared well, but maybe just not quite enough. Although being seasoned excellently, I think I could have used some more spice, maybe I'll add a jalape├▒o next time, that one's on me. Defiantly in my top 10 burgers  of all time and somewhere near the top. Oh and the fries, I almost forgot, they are battered, which gives these golden sticks of goodness a great crunch and flavor, no soggy potatoes here.

All in all, it was a great night and a great start to a great adventure.


  1. I'm ready for a t-shirt and hope to be at your next get together.

  2. Thanks for the comment Bob! Is this Bob F who I went to Africa with? Send me your address at and I will put your free t-shirt in the mail! Thanks for reading, and the next Burger Club Dallas meeting will be at Village Burger Bar in Allen, TX on 9/12/10 @6pm, check them out at

    and check us out at

    Burger Love,

  3. Adair's is a great place for a cold bear, greasy burger and free music. It's no Kenny's though. It's a bar in Deep Ellum, Never a cover to hear great live music, and if you ask for a Sharpie marker at the bar, you can write on anything in the bar. Absolutely anything, so needless to say, there is graffiti everywhere from the salt shakers to the toilet seats. Check it out for a unique experience. (and yes, I do go there quite a bit. Kenny's is just a much more upscale gourmet type of experience.)

  4. Thanks for the comment Champ! That sounds cool, what about Angry Dog, ever been there? The list of the next places will be posted soon,next up is Village Burger Bar in Allen, TX. See the link above and JOIN BURGER CLUB DALLAS!

  5. So this place is called Kenny's? hmm...didn't really get that from your blog, just the comment from Champion. I've never heard of it...might want to throw in the address too! Loving the club though, it's right up my alley!
    My suggestion is for Chip's, Balls, and Motor and Market. Personally, I don't frequent Ball's...because it's call Balls!

  6. tekgeeek, thanks for the comment, yeah Kenny's Burger Joint in Frisco, great stuff! Those are all on the list for sure, and don't let the name throw you, Balls has some great burgers!

  7. My family and I routinely set a date each weekend for "Burger Saturday." Kenny's has been our family favorite this summer. Love to know what else you find in Dallas, and we're always eager to try a new place. My Brother in-law is on a quest.

    Great blog start - keep us posted.


  8. Thanks James! Yeah there are a ton of great places in DFW check out, he has been everywhere. You guys should move your Saturday to Sundays and join Burger Club Dallas!

  9. And don't forget the onion rings - Kenny's may make the best onion ring EVER!!! You can't get a better burger and rings combo in DFW.

    Our reviews of Kenny's can be found here: